The Government guidance suggests there is no requirement for evidence for exemption to wearing facemask. It should be sufficient for someone to declare that they are eligible for an exemption direct with the person questioning them (eg bus driver).

Practices are therefore not required to provide letters of support for those who fall under the list of exemptions, or to those who do not fall under the list of exemptions.


Ear syringing - Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic we are currently unable to provide ear syringingYou can find out further information about how to self manage ear wax here:

MSHC Covid -19 antibody testing 


All of our sites are open for patients with appointments, but we will continue to keep the doors closed to protect vulnerable patients visiting the practice. This will allow us to ask essential covid screening questions before entry into the buildings.  We ask that patients avoid coming to any of our sites without an appointment and all patients attending our practice wear face covering/masks.  

  • ​face coverings do not replace social distancing. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, and/or high temperature, and/or loss of, or change in, your normal sense of smell or taste - anosmia), you and your household must isolate at home: wearing a face covering does not change this​
  • We will continue to offer telephone appointments, as we can manage a large percentage of problems by telephone/video consultations, but where a patient needs to be seen face to face or feels this is necessary they will be given an appointment time at any of our three sites. 
  • We would still like to reduce the footfall within the practice, therefore reducing risk within the practice and ask patients to access out services were possible using remote measures such as e-Conult and SystemOn-line through our website. This will prevent excessive telephone calls coming in to the practice. 
  • Please go online to request your prescription or drop it in our letterbox at any of our practices. Please note we only accept telephone prescription requests for patients recognised as being housebound.