Your Named Accountable GP

This practice has for many years assigned all of its patients, in all age groups, a named GP. We have listed below the responsibilities of your named GP and we consider that these are not new and do not represent any change to the status quo, but it may be helpful to read that your named GP will continue: To take the lead for ensuring that all appropriate services required under the contract with the practice are delivered to you.

Where required, and based on his/her professional judgement, to work with relevant associated health and social care professionals to deliver a multidisciplinary care package that meets your needs.

To ensure that your physical and psychological needs are recognised and responded to by all relevant clinicians.

To ensure that you have access to a health assessment when requested. We would like to emphasise that your named GP will not be the only GP or clinician to provide care to you from this practice, and that there is no obligation on your named GP to be personally available during the hours that we are open or out of core hours.

Your care can also be co-ordinated amongst our other GP’s and nurses. The main reason for giving you a named GP is purely so that you have a single point of contact that can co-ordinate your care. Our advice to all patients is that where you have a non-urgent medical need, you will receive better continuity of care if you book an appointment with your named GP, even when that might involve an appointment a few days later than is available with an alternative GP. In cases where you require same-day attention, however, and your named GP is not available, please do make it clear to our administrative team that you need to see a different GP.